As a trader, you are paying 38% in taxes.

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Why Choose Trader Tax Pros?

Our team specializes in helping traders take advantage of every deduction and/or credit.

We also help to ensure these special taxes are filed correctly and on time.

In addition, we have experience in helping traders plan their taxes to minimize tax liability.

We'll ensure your records are kept with as much accuracy, precision and security as possible.

We'll teach you how to set up a new business or modify an existing one to minimize taxes paid.

We'll make sure your money is in the right place at the right time for a maximum return.

What Our Clients say

  • 'Originally I thought Trader Tax Pros was a very interesting idea and there was some very compelling benefits. I requested a consultation and wondered if I'd get results. I didn't have to wonder long! This is by far the best decision I've in a long time and I'll gladly recommend it to my friends and colleagues. It pays for itself! Great Stuff!'

    Jim Jensen Day Trader
  • 'Trader Tax Pros is the real deal! It's exactly what I've been looking for. We've seen amazing results already. I will refer everyone I know.'

    Cynthia Young Day Trader
  • 'As a small day trading business, Trader Tax Pros has been the perfect find for all of our accounting needs and business advice and support. Their team makes sure customer satisfaction is at the top of their agenda and backed up with all of the knowledge you could ever need to know for starting or running a day trading business. Any enquiry or concern is swiftly dealt with and the support offered is second to none. As a potential new trader I couldn’t recommend Trader Tax Pros enough as the perfect support for your new venture.'

    Dan Jorgensen Day Trader
  • 'No matter what the question, Trader Tax Pros always has the answers. They are always happy to help and understands that by investing time in start-up companies like mine, they will gain loyal (and successful) clients in the longer term.'

    Jonathan Benanti Day Trader

Trader Tax Pros offers all the tools and resources needed to correctly navigate intricate trading tax laws.

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